Aerospace & Defense

AstroNova recorders and data acquisition systems are used throughout the world in critical aerospace applications. In flight test control rooms, structures labs, manufacturing facilities and remote test sites, AstroNova recorders are hard at work for our customers.

Flight Tests

Whenever a space station supply shuttle takes off, new satellite is launched, missile is fired or an airplane or helicopter is tested, there are multiple AstroNova recording systems hard at work behind the scenes. From flutter testing to range safety, AstroNova data recorders are the choice for critical applications in:

  • Telemetry Facilities: satellite data stations, data reduction labs, quick-look facilities
  • Flight Testing Telemetry: flutter testing, loads testing, flight safety testing, missile testing

AstroNova’s telemetry recorders are used by major aerospace companies & flight test facilities, such as:

  • L3 Communications
  • US Navy
  • Boeing Helicopter
  • Vandenberg Air Force Base
  • Boeing Integrated Defense Systems
  • Edwards Air Force Base
  • Bell Helicopter
  • Airbus Industries
  • ITT Corporation
  • Eurocopter
  • Agusta Westland
  • United Space Alliance
    • NASA
    • NSWC Pax River
    • Boeing Commercial Airplane
    • US Army
  • Lockheed Martin Tactical Aircraft
  • NSWC China Lake
    • Raytheon Missile Systems
    • Wyle Laboratories
    • Bombardier Aerospace
    • BAE Systems

Mobile Telemetry

For many mobile telemetry applications, such as Telemetry Trailers, the products listed on the Flight Test page are appropriate. When space is at a premium, use one of our portable data recorders, which feature high speed data recording in a portable system and include decoding and time stamping of data with IRIG B.

Airborne Data Recording

For airborne flight test applications, AstroNova offers flight test data recorders that can be used in-flight. They meet MIL-STD requirements for shock vibration and are designed to fly wherever you do.

Stationary Testing

Our portable data recorders are widely used throughout the aerospace industry for application testing such as horizontal rocket motor, explosives/squib, launch pad, ammunitions and vibration testing.

For rack-based test stands, rackmount versions of all portable data recorders are available.

Customers for these applications include Orbital Sciences Corporation, Honeywell International, Woodward Governor, Hamilton Sundstrand, Raytheon, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, BAE Systems and L-3 Communications.