Power & Utilities

AstroNova portable data recorders rigorously work to monitor power quality, power distribution and other power related data. Power quality and reliability are increasingly important to both commercial and consumer energy customers and AstroNova systems are at work every day to ensure that the equipment used to deliver this power is operating properly. Our data acquisition systems offer capabilities that are crucial to these applications including as isolated high-voltage inputs, RMS and peak-to-peak recording, transient capture, long-term trending capture and triggered event captures. With the ability to quickly help determine problem areas, AstroNova data recorders are an important part of power quality and delivery.

Applications for AstroNova data recorders include:

  • Nuclear facility rod drop testing
  • Generator start-up testing
  • Monitoring voltages, currents and frequency of distributed power
  • Troubleshooting electrical controls
  • Green energy deployment
  • Relay bank troubleshooting
  • Validation testing of UPS systems
  • Battery systems monitoring and troubleshooting