SmartCorder DDX-100


Portable Data Acquisition System


Portable Data Acquisition System

SmartCorder® DDX-100 is an all new portable data acquisition system that includes everything needed to record, review and analyze data in one piece of test equipment.

Its compact size, lightweight design and battery operation make our latest data acquisition product a highly convenient system with impressive features for almost any application including:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Power and Utilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Rail Transportation
  • Research and Development
  • Product and Life Cycle Testing

It provides users with a powerful 8-32 channel portable data acquisition system which is the successor to many previous Dash products. These improvements include:

  • Reduced weight and size
  • Attractive pricing
  • Many more new features and capabilities

Perfect for any application requiring a lightweight portable data acquisition system for data recording when and where it is needed; the SmartCorder DDX-100 accepts 2 signal input boards and offers a number of excellent features including:

  • 8 – 32 channels per unit with a choice of four signal input boards
  • Signal input types such as: Voltage, Thermocouple, RTD & IEPE Transducer
  • Eight 0-5 volt discrete (TTL) inputs
  • 200k samples/second/channel with individual A/Ds for synchronous recording
  • Digital filtering, counter functions and other advanced processing included
  • 500GB hard drive standard (optional solid state drives available)
  • 3 different sample rates selectable within one data capture
  • USB 3.0, Gigabit Ethernet and HDMI video output
  • IRIG, CAN Bus and GPS options available

SmartCorder DDX-100 acquires, processes and stores all data internally with AstroNova™ superior software known for ease of use and data integrity. For higher channel count applications, the SmartCorder DDX-100 can be combined with AstroNova Daxus data acquisition systems to record hundreds of channels of data with complete synchronization.


  • Real Time: View data in a scrolling waveform style on the 15 inch touch panel display.
  • Scope Mode: DSO-style display is useful for viewing high speed signals in detail or where a stationary waveform view is preferred. The embedded scope capture feature enables the user to record both high resolution captures to find glitches as well as long term trending records for days, weeks or months all in one record.
  • Review: With the review capability, users can look into records that are currently being recorded. This capability allows the user to review captured data and is designed for analysis including expansion, compression, search features, measurements and much more.
  • Engineering Units: Choose to set up on any channel with linear scaling for any application. Data can be viewed in familiar terms such as Amps, PSI, RPM, Ft-lbs., etc.
  • Meter Package: Choose from various meter formats including gage, numeric, horizontal or vertical bar, and needle and LED readouts. The display screen data has an easy to read visual format with the built in meter package. These meters can be sized and placed anywhere on screen.
  • Cursors: Easy to use cursors allow immediate measurements with functions such as: Time, Frequency, Average, Min/Max & Peak-Peak Slope, RMS, Sum, Sum of Squares, Variance, Standard Deviation and Area.
  • Derived Channels: Powerful real time or post capture math calculations based on the waveform data. Functions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, square root, logarithmic, trigonometric and much more.
  • Dimensions: 300 mm H x 366mm W x 168mm D (11.8” H x 14.4” W x 6.6” D) and weighing just 8.4kg (18.5lbs).


ITCU-16ITCU-16 Thermocouple Input Module

• 16 channel thermocouple and low voltage input module
• Compatible with Daxus DXS-100 and SmartCorder DDX-100 systems
• 300 Vrms, Cat II rated isolation
• Up to 50 S/s/ch (high speed mode)
• Direct connectivity with standard mini-TC connectors
IVHM-4IHVM-4P High Voltage and Current Input Module

• 4-ch high voltage input module with real-time power calculations
• Compatible with Daxus DXS-100 and SmartCorder DDX-100 systems
• 600 Vrms or DC (Cat III) or 1000V DC (Cat II) rated isolation
• +/- 1,000 Volt maximum input range
• Up to 50 KS/s/ch sampling rate (simultaneous)
• Guarded banana jack inputs
ISEV-4ISEV-4 Isolated Voltage Input Module

• 4 channel isolated high voltage input module
• Compatible with Daxus DXS-100 and SmartCorder DDX-100 systems
• 250 Vrms or 400 V DC (Cat II) rated isolation
• +/- 400 Volt maximum input range
• Up to 200 KS/s/ch sampling rate (simultaneous)
• Built-in counter and timer functions


    • CAN Bus for Automotive Testing and Other Applications
    • IRIG Time Code for Aerospace Applications
    • GPS Time and Location Stamping for Transportation or Other Applications
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