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6-Channel Universal Module Voltage and DC Bridge, up to 250 Vrms (UNIV-6)

6-Channel High Voltage Module, up to 600 Vrms (IHVM-6)

6-Channel High Voltage Module, 10 MOhm input imp., up to 600 Vrms (IHVM-6B)

16-Channel Non-isolated Differential Voltage Module, up to 35 Vrms (NIDV-16)

12-Channel Thermocouple Module (ITCU-12)

6-Channel DC Bridge Module, isolated (IBRM-6)

12-Channel RTD Module supports direct connections of Pt 100 RTD (IRTD-12)

6-Channel Isolated Piezoelectric Sensor Module, for ICP© type sensors (IEPE-6)

16-Channel Digital I/O, Analog Output, Counter and Relay Module (DIOC-16)

Blank Module, covers 1 module slot (BLNK)

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